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Combeanation's story

Unique BEANS that combine expanding the Beans' Nation to save the planet

One NFT, one real tree

This is the project's core: Digital assets with a real presence in the physical world through activities to save the planet.

For each NFT minted by each season's project (BEANS, FLOWERS, and any other future evolution of history) an actual Paulownia tree will be planted.

Each NFT will therefore contribute to absorbing CO2 over the years. As already announced, the project's ambitious goal is to be able to plant at least 15,000 Paulownia trees.

15,000 Paulownia plants will absorb 1,500 tons of CO2 every year, throughout the tree's life cycle.

Planting 15,000 plants mean the reforestation of more than 35 hectares of new forests. That is the equivalent of over 24 football fields.

Token utility $LINFA

$LINFA is ComBEANation's cryptocurrency. This token is the lifeblood of our project that makes it grow and produces value for all members of the community.

$LINFA is directly related to the algorithm that estimates the uptake of the Paulownia tree.

It is possible to accumulate $LINFA if you stake your NFT. Each NFT will accrue $LINFA in proportion to the CO2 absorption of the tree associated with the NFT. Each staked NFT matures approximately 3 $LINFA/day which corresponds to about 0.3 kg of CO2 absorbed by the Paulownia tree every day.

Tokens can be used to purchase a wide range of digital and physical products from ComBEANation's e-commerce.

The story

History does not always go the way we expected.
For example, can you imagine a world populated by intelligent beans that must combine with each other to evolve, create their own nation and protect the Earth?
Yet that's exactly how it went...

It all started on 14th August 1396. That night, a cluster of small meteorites hit the vegetable plot of a medieval monastery in northern Italy. The effects were not severe, if not for one thing: in the days that followed, the beans started to grow much more quickly! What is the effect of the alien material they had come into contact with? Filled with curiosity, the monks decided to study the beans' genetic background. The years went by and the findings on the beans mutations were handed down over the centuries.

Year 2052. The old monastery, now abandoned, is sold. The intention of the new owners is to turn it into a luxury resort. The beans are still there, stored in their clay pots. When the demolition work begins, they are thrown into a landfill as waste. In this place, however, the beans evolve even more rapidly because they are in contact with harmful chemicals present in the landfill. The works on the monastery construction site also stop because no one has foreseen the effects of climate change. Pollution raises the temperature forcing humanity to flee, first underground and then, after hundreds of years, as the surface of the earth remains inhospitable for man, to more hospitable planets.

Year 2696. While human beings live in new extra-terrestrial colonies, life on Earth continues. Cities vanish and prairies expand. Yes, because due to climate change and the very frequent and powerful storms on earth, the trees have almost completely disappeared. Few surviving species now inhabit the planet and the dominant species are beans. The dramatic changes in the atmosphere caused them to further mutate and evolve. They now live in a community and they want to expand further to grow the bean nation, protect planet earth and rebuild forests. To achieve their goal, they need your help. Join the Beans' Nation and pick up on the ancient experiments of medieval monks where they left off. By crossing the beans you can create increasingly evolved combinations.


Hover or tap on the filters to see the different kinds of beans' traits.

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Under development.

Waiting for the market to recover and for worthy projects to be rewarded.
We look forward to coming back!

Work in progress Bean


  • For the seriousness and historicity of the team working on the project. Graffiti.Agency has been present on the digital market since 1996.

  • Because ComBEANation is a project based on gene algorithms.

  • Because it is a Phygital project that also provides for the creation of unique physical T-shirts (certified by NFT) and quality of T-shirts is guaranteed by another successful project of Graffiti.Agency called

  • Because we are giving a lot of importance and we are working a lot on tokenomic so that the whole comminity has an advantage.

  • And the last but not the least, because our Beans are beautiful! Do not you agree? And imagine how beautiful the plants and flowers that will be born from our Beans ;)

Behind ComBEANation there is the solidity of a long-standing agency that wants to give the project an important social and ecological value. We are ready to launch as soon as there is an upturn in the market. Stay tuned and follow us on our social media!


The brotherhood's members are part of the Graffiti monastery based in an ancient Italian locality. They have been selected after years of training to evolve the clever beans, who are destined to protect the new age of the Earth.

Luca Bean



Nic Bean



Sveva Bean



Raffa Bean



Luca Bean



Michele Bean



Gianfranco Bean



Sara Bean


Social Media Manager

Alessandro Bean


Project Manager

Ludovico Bean


Social Media Manager

Matteo Bean


Social Media Manager

Francesco Bean


Discord mod


At GRAFFITI, we have been combining digital culture and creative thinking since 1996. When dramatic changes in the atmosphere forced us to leave Earth, we transferred our headquarters to a small planet close by. From here, we continued carrying out our multi-platform experiments: ADV, WEB, TV, SOCIAL and MARKETING. We have also tidied up our vegetable plot to plant - can you guess? New beans!

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